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As high performers, we spend a lot of time working on our techniques, our physical and strategic skills in our particular sport or life area. But what about the mental aspect of our game?

The mental part of any sport is massive, as it can derail the technical and physical preparations that we spend so much time on. How you as and athletes feel before you compete, has a significant impact on how you will perform. Understanding how your mind and your thoughts influence your performance, is one of the biggest assets you can have over your rival. And using those mind skills, are far more effective when it’s directed towards a targeted state of mind – your ideal performance state.

During my mental coaching, I teach you strategies to increase your sense of control so that you can combat self-doubt that can hinder you reaching your competitive state of mind.

I teach you to be in the right frame of mind when the stakes are the highest.

I proactively help you to develop patterns of thought and behavior that will optimize your performance in any area of your life.


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Mastering self-control

Lack of control over your mental realm leads to obsessive ideas and thoughts, like muddy thinking, blocked creativity, scatteredness, impatience, anxiety, fear and procrastination. We help you understand the emotional energy that drives you, and the structure to how you do things, so that you can change it.

Mastering Conciousness and Attention

The goal of self-development and performance training is to teach athletes to choose perceptions of reality that will allow them to determine their own state of conciosness. Our mind does not know the difference between a memory of the past, or a memory of the future. We can therefore create that memory of the future.


Athletes can be in the most superb physical condition be filled with the best competitive spirit, yet they fail to achieve good results. Why? They do not have the right thoughts. Every performance has two components – the goal and the means. You cannot pay attention to both of them.


Program Details


Learn to Regulate Emotions and Anxiety and Build Confidence


Using Imagery and Visualization Techniques To Enhance Mental Preparation


Develop Effective Pre-game Routines


Master Your Sensory Awareness

mental performance

No Pain, No Gain

Real Work.
  Real Results.

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Popular Programs

Supercharge Your Brain For High Performance

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I work with individual athletes from all sports backgrounds. Space for individual sessions are limited.

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Sports Teams

I work with all sports teams in a team setting as well as individuals team members.

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High Performers

I work with high performers to develop patterns of thought and behavior that optimize their performance.

Clients We’ve worked with

Clients and Testimonials

Louzanne Coetzee T11 Athlete

1500m Silver Medalists, 2020 Tokyo Paralympics

Oranje Meisies Skool

Oranje First Netbal Team

Bloemfontein, South Africa

You really have wonderful insights and ways of explaining and helping to recognize and navigate through obstacle ridden paths and apply principles and new ways of thinking. You challenged and inspired me on so many levels.


South Africa

My coaching philosophy

Once danger becomes it’s own reward, risk moves from a threat, to becoming a challenge. You develop a new relationship with fear – Steven Kotler

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