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Self-Concept vs Self-Image

We unpack the difference between self-concept and self-image. Self-concept is the qualities each of us believes to be true about him- or her-self – and how to deliberately change it in positive ways.

23 February 2022

14:00 PM SAST Online


Motivation Decoded

Motivation is the catch-all for 3 sets of skills – drive, grit, and goals. I will discuss powerful emotional motivators that drive behavior and talk about the ability to continue with a journey, no matter the difficulty involved.

19 January 22

14:00 PM SAST Online

Importance of Sleep For Peak Performance

In this free 30-min Workshop we will look at the importance of sleep, your sleep rhythm and schedule and how you can optimize your sleep through your morning routine.

20 April 2021

09h00 SAST

Independent Living

A 3- Month Life Skills Program for Teenagers and Young Adults. Learn how to be mindful, develop distinctions and wisdom. This workshop also includes finding your future career or business aspirations.

Free Intro 26 April 2021



Thank you Petrolene

You really have wonderful insights and ways fo explaining and helping to recognize and navigate through obstacles as well as new ways of thinking. You challenged and inspired me on so many levels.


I’ve been with a sport psychologist before and your coaching stands out above everything. You don’t only coach, but you also give people the tools they need.


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