About Mental Resilience

Grit and Resilience is the perseverance and passion in pursuit of long term goals.

As humans we all share the same machinery. We all have the same neurobiology. When we tap into our neurobiology and re-engineer the steps, we can uncover a mechanism. Which is present in all humans, no matter what your achievements are. Flow is an optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best. It’s the place where action and awareness merge. It’s the place where your skill and your mental game become one.

become unstoppable


Motivation is really a word for 3 sets of skills – drive, grit and goals.


We need powerful emotional motivators such as curiosity passion and purpose to drive our behavior automatically.  Then throw persistence, determination and fortitude in the mix and meeting your goals have just become easier.


When we know where we’re trying to go, we get there much more quickly.


One-on-one coaching sessions to help you become the best athlete you can be. Learn how become more focussed by using different skills.


Season-long coaching or individual workshops to help your team become a more cohesive team.

Mental Health Workshops

A mental health multi-day workshop for athletes and coaches. In-person or online.


A mental and physical transformation program to increase the mind’s healing impact on the body both for sickness and injuries.

Leadership Skills

Leadership coaching and development for coaches and team captains, with special focus on team purpose, leadership and teamwork, and building trust.

Mental Training Sports Camp

A 2- or 3-day Mental Training Sports’ Camp for Sports Teams and Coaching Staff.

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